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HeliPitch for Android?

I am now in the works for an Android version of the HeliPitch application. It does look primising and I have made quite a lot of progress. It works really nice on my phone but now I need to spread the testing and see if it works with some other bra [...]

HeliPitch - Release date set to 2012-02-12!

Yes...I made it through. The application is now approved and I have set the release date for tomorrow...  February 11, 2012 10:44 Apple Ready for Sale February 11, 2012 10:41 Apple Processing for App Store February 11, [...]

HeliPitch - In review

Well...a small update. I got a message that it is in review now. Fingers crossed... I have heard that it can stay there anything from a few hours to weeks...let's hope for the best now! And...also, hope for approved! I will let you know as soon [...]

HeliPitch - To be reviewed

I have now submitted the HeliPitch application for review to Apple. If this goes well, it will be available in AppStore soon. If not...well, I have some work to do and then submitt it again... The plan is to release it as a free download for a limi [...] restarted...

This domain has been used by me as a private space for storing things. I have decided to change this and start usinhg it as a support site for the small projects I have made/makes. Currently I have only put up my last project, an iPhone application [...]